Changes by Daniel Haertle:
2.0b2 2003/09/10
- while processing OK button now turns to Abort and after porcessing to Finish
- in win32 build: eliminated dos window
- Novelty check description in Developer.txt updated
- ascending/descending sort order
- sort by date, size, or name
- avoided deprecation warnings
- GUI now runs in a separate thread, so that stdout can be displayed in GUI
- reloading factory defauts now shows the correct in/output dir
- corrected bug that appended "_full" to filenames and crashed if one does not let
copy the original pictures to OutputDir
- corrected bug when "Don't copy the pictures to OutputDir..." was unchecked
- resizing now with NEAREST filter, which is faster than BILINEAR before
- thumbnails now with ANTIALIAS filter (only for PIL 1.1.3 and later),
which is better than NEAREST before
- changed md5 novelty check algorythm for thumbnails and low res pics
- in Python 2.3 on win32 directories are no longer lowercase
- corrected bug that "back to parent" link disappeared
- corrected bug that gallery.cfg were not loaded in subdirs
- in thumb column style, better calculation of the thumb fram width
- changed the default output directory on Mac OS X to Desktop/gallery-out
- updated the usage in the docstring of PyGallery
- fixed bug that, in windows, caused failure if InputDir or OutputDir ended with a
- replaced all string module functions by string methods (except for
- in dynamic style, when many images, name the pictures Pic01, Pic02,... instead of
Pic1, Pic2,... 2.0b1 2003/08/10 - built executable in windows (standalone) - built executable on Mac OS X (requires Python) - got GUI working on Mac OS X - added command line directory arguments: PyGallery [options] [InputDir] [OutputDir] thus enableing drag and drop of InputDir on the compiled program - load/save gallery.cfg settings file from gui - in Javascript mode, when clicking on larger, updates the index - taken away SubGalleryIndexTableBGColor - in Javascript mode, now the image changes image if one presses a variant link - in Javascript style: let click on image - in caption files and options, separated author and caption by tab, instead of comma - GUI - if a gallery has no large pic, make no low resolution variant - added Exludelist, a configuration option to exclude some directories or pictures from being inserted into the gallery - performance: does not recalculate thumbnails if not needed - ported to MacOs - added link in exhibits to exhibit in other resolution (if available) - added captions key to config (so it is possible to give a caption to the root gallery - does not put variant list in exhibit when all equal - renamed to PyGallery, there are too many Galleries around 1.4 2003/03/18 - possibility to merge all pictures in the subdirs into one gallery - in the exhibits, click on the left quarter of the pic to go the previous pic, and on the right three quarters to go to the next pic - navigation buttons in exhibit above and/or under the picture and in 5 different styles - automatic FTP upload - don't let the columns of thumbnails half full unless configured so - OutputDir can now be a sudir of InputDir 1.3 2002/01/26 - in recursive mode, handle also initial dirs without pics, if their subdirs have pics - choose whether or not to eredit the gallery.cfg from the parent directory - bug correction - recursing directory for the other styles - recursing directory process (for JavaScript style) - split galleries with many pictures in several parts - creates thumbnails for directories - display filesize - better sorting - validate and correct configuration options - more config parameters - load all images supported by PIL - display filename and image dimensions - new module GalleryUtil with support routines 1.1 2001/01/10 - added JavaScript style - corrected tests in the modules - get captions from ACDsee descript.ion Changes by Kevin Dahlhausen: 1.0 2000/03/26 - added cascading option files - added ability to read arrow gif and logo locations from config file 0.9 1999/09/01 - added frames - added refs to Python and PIL URLs - added CaptionColor option - changed wording on index title - added background image support

last modified 2003-09-12 by D. Haertle