Features (+: fix for next release):
- "overwrite?" checkbox in gui
- optionally captions in JavaScript style as pop-up windows
- javascript style captions with DHTML instead of textarea
- make captions in test/ instructive
- documentation
- create info page with tips and wget info
- description colors
- separate galleries better
- option for "don't process filesize smaller than..."
- option to show name only of directories
- css themes
- cancel _svga if whole gallery does not need it
- video support
- scp support
- EXIF support
- sort by EXIF date
- optionally rotate pictures based on EXIF information
- more options/less options
- in Gui Index options: thumbs per page: automatic
- from last exhibit do not link to first image
- automatic decision whether to display filename: if all pics are beginning
with the same chars or are numbers in series, do not display
- if names are long and not similar, show them in Javascript mode
- when clicking the index arrow the index part with that picture should appear
(now always first index appears)
- optionally eliminate old files from gallery-out
- write to file config only those entries that are different from factory settings
or my defaults
- progress bar, see http://www.faqts.com/knowledge_base/view.phtml/aid/2718/fid/264
- for transparent pics, make tn and lowres with right BG color
- merge createThumbnail() and handleThumbnail()
- link to gallery samples at www.wrra.cc/gallery/gallery.html
- bring web site to haertle.ch/pygallery
- win installer: ask to install also source
- mac: - window is not on top
+ ensure that Python scripts are loaded with the new PythonLauncher
- image with long names (>24 chars) get thumbnails that are not
readable on Mozilla
- exclude list not work
- slow if one does not move the mouse
- in GUI: - index options: the listbox entry goes away when one chooses a BGcolor
(sometimes not there even before)
- take out # tn cols in JS and tnFrame mode
- scroll down in log window
- some text entries are gray, other white
- in JS mode: - when there is no back to parent, also the first pic should
be displyed in frame MAIN
- when no WriteCaptions, then no WriteFileSize...
- you click on full in index for changing resolution and then a tn,
=> undefined file
- if do not display filename, use Picxx also for 1 column
- check exclude list for files
- handle long picture names better: table should take minimal width
- test for case mispelled options and allow them
- the default of ThumbTableCellPad = 6 is fine for normal style but too large
for thumbframe style
- handle galleries with >30 parts (>1000 pics in one directory) better
- bring ftp_history to OutputDir
- ftp looks for inputdir on ftp server as root dir and fails if not found
- special chars (ü) in dir, files and captions fail
- handle multiline captions in Captions option
- rename Captions option to Caption
- captions do not work in dir_merge_mode for subdirs
- rewrite handleParentGallery() to use config['IndexFileName']
- htmllib parse captions before putting them into title links to avoid
quotes and tags
- GalleryDescr field in slanted gallery index is not wide enough
- take slanted gallery list more to the left and perhaps 2 cols
- in Opera 5 the arrows of Gallery style exhibit are not centered
- move the image prefetching to the end of the page if this makes things faster,
or wait 1s before invoking it (e.g onunload())
- if no lowres or no full res, use variantSuffixes = [""]
- blank.html and arrows should go from g_thumbs to g_exhibits (needs to always create
- check with restricted permissions
- excludelist does not work for files
- display output filenames, but make sure no suffix is included
- in GalleryThumbnail, if not image.format in ["JPEG", "PNG", "GIF"] and not
copyOrigPics: need g_pics dir for storing out
- in GalleryThumbnail, if not copyOrigPics: still need g_pics dir for storing out
- give back old stdout, not __sdtout__ since they are not equal
+ with gallery.cfg in script dir, do not ask to load this preset (mac only?)